Hire a Temporary CCTV Surveillance System


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Thousands of people protected by Stream 1 Security Camera

Theft of equipment, tools and other valuable items from event spaces,work sites is an increasing problem. The loss suffered by companies, in terms of stolen assets and down-time in replacing those assets can be significant.

Streamone offers a range of rental CCTV and security systems designed for temporary, semi-permanent, remote and changing sites. These are ideal for construction sites, event management, utility or industrial sites and public space areas.

We offer a number of professional and reliable temporary security services that is suitable for you, every project includes a detailed consultation to understand your requirements. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for you confidently, quickly and without complication.

Our rental systems all include high definition 3MP - 5MP (megapixel) IP CCTV integrated with advanced security features for a truly comprehensive solution.

How is Stream1 rental CCTV Different ?

Stream1 can install a temporary CCTV surveillance system for your work site. Not only can the system capture important evidence of crime, but it can also act as a deterrent. We can install your CCTV system, or can provide one to you for hire at a monthly rental. Free CCTV warning signage is also included for your fences and site buildings.

Advanced motion detection technology prompts the cameras to record 24/7 or after-hours depending on your needs. The high definition images give excellent picture detail allowing for any incidences to be investigated and resolved promptly. In addition site and project managers can remote view both live and recorded footage for on-the-spot decision making, even when not present.

Monitoring and recording site activity has many benefits from improved site management and security through to better relationships with clients and contractors. Access to high quality, high definition images and footage is a great advantage.

Want Someone To Explain It? Give Us A Call to Discuss Your Options

We are the preferred provider of rental event cctv surveillance throughout India and have thousands of happy clients around the India and Worldwide.

Benefits For Event Owners.

24x7 monitoring
No expensive repair bills
All surveillance is recorded and can be used as evidence
Free Onsite Support Team available till contract
Pan and tilt cameras available
Latest equipment always available
No large capital outlay - great for cash flow
Remote viewing options possible
Can be integrated with sensors to provide more protection
Preventing crime saves money!
Available for hire and purchase
Min 24 hours to 2 Year Rental Packages

Supply & Installation.

Careful planning and professional installation are vital factors in providing an effective and reliable crime prevention service. Even the most sophisticated cameras and detectors will flood a monitoring station with false alarms, if poorly positioned. This renders a location’s security ineffective and represents a huge risk. Our team of qualified and trained installation technicians understand these challenges and deal with these issues transparently for you. Temporary CCTV is a low cost, low maintenance and very effective alternative to manned guards. Temporary CCTV is a great way of keeping your site secure, it is also ideal for a range of events including Product Launch,Corporate Shows, Music Concerts, local authority events and more.

360 ° Realtime Monitoring.

Stream1’s monitoring station is the hub of our surveillance system. It brings together the response required on any alarm activation or site intrusion. This is an in-house facility which lot of our competitors do not have. The first and immediate response to an intrusion will be a live audio warning through an installed Public Address (PA) system.We deploy trained operators for event surveillance. Maximum of 240 minutes will be alloted per operator, then operators need to swap. We believe that event surveillance operator must be versatile and be both proactive and reactive to different situations that could occur. This is why it is crucial to choose the right provider for your event.


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