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Campus webcast for recording and publishing course and campus events for students and learners around the globe

Webcasting Classes Makes Course Delivery Easier.

Conduct training over the internet. Reduce costs, save time, deal with compliance issues and increase revenue potential. Whichever way you look at it, online professional development and student training allows you to deliver courses, one-off tutorials and demonstrations in a far more flexible way.

Teaching & Learning .

Enrich classroom experiences and increase student engagement

Create video-based curriculum items, assignments, and submissions, directly within the LMS

Use powerful video tools like webcasting for remote learning, e- classrooms, social learning, and more

More accurately measure student engagement with video-based analytics


Media Repository & Archiving.

We enable you to centralize your media management for the various media sources on your campus – recorded classes, student projects, informational content, lectures, events, videos for admissions, alumni and athletics sites, library collections, student life/community, and more.

Media can be uploaded manually, in batch or via our Cloud API. we supports virtually any file format, including videos, images and audio.

So, whether you’re a school, college, or training company needing to reach out to staff and students, webcasting classes can make your job easier and your lessons much more interesting.

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Education | Webcasting classes .

Providing information through virtual seminars is particularly convenient and cost-efficient for communicating with audiences across longer distances, such as international students and other prospects who live far from your campus. An on-demand recruitment video can answer the same questions as a face-to-face session.

Integrating Webcasting technology into the education system allows visiual and audio communications that is interactive, engaging, flexible, scalable and robust. Accessible in real time and via archives making it useful for communications, information, sharing knowledge building and learning.

Application of webcast in Education:- Webcast of lectures.
Webcast of Seminars & Functions to reach alumni & parents.
Distance Education.
Webcast of graduation ceremonies.
Important announcements.

Trust us: we’ve served some of the world biggest brands, charities and events including DTDC, Oneness University, Imaxdigital, Randstad and Many more.

Streamone Course webcasting is a suite with Active Learning Platform .

Use Live Webcast to Market your distance education and online education programmes

Build a Active Learning Platform.

Each course has a visual activity feed designed for media-rich idea sharing and collaboration. Integrated with our lecture capture and live webcasting solutions, the discussion platform ensures your entire learning community stays connected.

A Private Campus Video Library.

After your webcast, the Streamone Cloud automatically archives captured content to create a private CampusTube integrated into your LMS, intranet, and website.


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