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Though live webcasts and other social media, Surgery are not new now!

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Deliver your live surgery videos through our super fast video CDN!

With Live Surgery Webcast, doctors can easily provide information to their junior doctors about any major surgery in real time. Being an online platform, junior doctors can also pose their doubts and queries which immediately get answered by senior doctors.

Streamone will work with your hospital’s operating suite personnel to install a camera system or to develop an existing camera system and then to configure this for integration with our live encoders to allow your surgeons to broadcast their surgery live over the internet via a secure website.

A medical webcast will enable the delivery of care in a faster, more cost effective fashion. Advances in streaming technology now mean that high definition video information can be sent over the internet in real time, thus increasing accuracy of diagnosis and appropriateness of care.

Webcast surgical procedures
Conduct distance diagnosis
Provide distance consulting & counselling
Provide out-patient & follow up care
Conduct online training sessions
Create observation capacity
Create an online video platform

Trust us: we’ve served some of the world biggest brands, charities and events including DTDC, Oneness University, Imaxdigital, Randstad and Many more.

Streamone Helps you for your Live & VOD Sugeries

Create high quality surgery video outputs for every major device.

Super Fast Video Streaming.

No one likes waiting for videos to buffer. Our content delivery network can deliver videos at lightning fast speeds!

Customizable Video Player.

Our video player, available in Flash and HTML5, can be fully branded with a company logo and unique color scheme.

The Latest Video Formats.

We provide support for a range of video formats including, WebM VP9, WebM VP8, WebM VP9 DASH, MP4, & FLV.


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