Streamone is a Leading Micro Videos Production Company. With office in Chennai, we shoot Micro Videos everywhere in India for clients from all over the World.

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The Micro video making company you’ve been looking for!

Stream1 provides the solutions you need to turn your corporate communication challenges into opportunities. We make great micro videos, and we make sure they get noticed.

In a very short space of time, micro video content has become a vital marketing tool for many top brands and creators.Its a high-impact ad format that should be a central part of your (or your clients’) marketing and content strategy.People prefer video. It’s helpful, easy to watch, and engaging, but what’s more interesting than the rise of online video is the shift toward mobile video and micro content on social media platforms like faceboook,Instagram,twitter,Snapchat etc.

The future of marketing is online video, and the future of online video is micro content. Transform your video marketing strategy with micro video content and build your brand into the future. micro video content, or short form online video, is simply a short style of video. Micro videos can run anywhere from a few seconds up to one minute, although it’s best to keep micro video to 15 seconds or less.

Micro-videos don’t need to show and explain everything about your product and service.People want video on the go, which means they want micro content. They just need to grab attention and spark interest. When it comes to product launches, seasonal events, and real-time engagement with your potential leads, there’s really nothing more powerful and immediate than micro video content.

We can film in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trivandrum, Cochin and everywhere in India.

Need a Micro Videos which tell the world about your
business, products, and services.

Shoot, cut and paste your story together with cutting-edge video editing services from stream1 who were putting them together from the beginning.

Creative Highlights.

The Highlight reel is a fast-paced, condensed, all-in-to-one video of the entire day. We focus on sequencing an engaging video that's compelling to any viewer. When building this video we use custom transitions, and pick the most gorgeous clips to make it captivating and inspiring! Our editors use their creative editing skills, mixed with your style preferences so it's reflective of work that you've done before.

Micro Videos.

The Corporate Micro Videos tells about your business, products, and services. With video marketing top of the list when it comes to showcasing your company, bring it to us and we will deal with it. When we receive or shoot your raw video footage we will provide you with a cost for the project and also an idea of how long it will take to complete. Once the work is complete, we will send you a direct link to download the polished finished product. You will then be able to use your video exactly as you wish. You can load it onto your business website, social media page, YouTube channel or even sharing with customers.

Social Micro Video.

If you love shooting amazing video footage in corporate events, dealer meets, product launches,sales conferences, seminars, concerts and to add a professional cinematic feel to the film, leave it to us. We will take care of everything post-production to make it look top-notch.we will take care of any copyright issues, so always let us know your intended purpose. We can even come up with ways of boosting views and conversion rates to make online views more productive.


Please phone or email, tweet or post on Facebook and we'll look forward to helping you with whatever challenge you have, especially if it's Internet / Event Wifi Setup / live webcasting / live streaming or video production of an event!